September 14, 2021 12:52 am

Best Paddle Boards for Beginners | 2021

Picking out the best paddle board for beginners in today’s crowded SUP marketplace is a challenge, to say the very least. There are a lot of important considerations that you need to take into account when buying your first SUP board, and the coolest looking board may not necessarily be the best board for you…

In this post, we’re going to share our top picks for 2020’s best beginner paddle boards. Every one of the boards that we’re recommending is affordable, paddle board rentals durable, stable, and includes everything you need to get started. Additionally, since we own and paddle every one of these boards on a regular basis, you can have full confidence in our recommendations.

Being that our primary focus here at is inflatable paddle board reviews, this buyers guide will be focused on inflatable SUP models for beginners in the sub-$700 range. While there are definitely some awesome beginner paddle boards in the $1,000 and up price range, most newcomers to the sport of stand up paddleboarding are more interested in an entry-level board to initially get their feet wet with.

We’ll first provide a comparison chart for easy reference and then follow up with a brief overview of each model along with an in-depth video review. So, without further ado, let’s get to the boards…

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