September 15, 2021 3:14 pm

How to Choose the Best Photographer For Your Child

The first thing your child’s photographer should do is to meet you and your child in advance of your portrait session. They should meet you on a day before the actual session just to meet you and your child and discuss ideas to personalize your session. During this “design consultation,” your photographer will get down on your child’s level and get to know them so that on the day of the session, the photographer will not be a total stranger to your child, making the session go smoother and be much NFTs more successful. Your photographer should do this design consultation at no extra charge to you.

The second thing your photographer must do is to do the session on location, instead of a boring studio, at no extra charge. This is so important to making your session successful. You should be able to choose a location that is special to you or your child, an environment that your child is comfortable in. This could be a local park or playground, or other favorite location, or even your own home. Being photographed on location is so much more fun for everyone involved, and the results are creative and unique images of your child.

The third thing your photographer should do is to be flexible. As a parent, you know that for some reason, a perfectly healthy child can (and often does) become ill on important occasions, such as Christmas Day, their birthday, or the day you have scheduled for their portrait session. Your photographer should understand this and allow you to reschedule the session at no extra charge. This goes for any other unforeseen problems that may come up.

The last, and most crucial, thing you should make sure your photographer does is to guarantee you will love your portraits. Many photographers say that satisfaction is guaranteed”, but this is not good enough. If your photographer cannot guarantee that you will be thrilled with your portraits, or your money back, it’s time to move on and find another photographer. A portrait of your child should be something that moves you every time you look at it, not something that you are just “satisfied” with. It is so important that your photographer has such a strong guarantee.

If your photographer does not do all of the above things, move on to another one and don’t stop looking until you find one that does. The kind of photographer I have described is one who truly cares about you and your child as people and about giving you the highest quality photographs to preserve for you the precious years of childhood.

As you have seen, price is not the only thing to consider when choosing the best photographer for your child. Think of photographs of your child as investments, as you would when buying a house, or as important a decision as choosing the best doctor when you need surgery. While those photographs won’t bring you financial gains later on, if they were created by a photographer who does the things I discussed above, you will reap priceless rewards of the heart for years to come.

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