September 18, 2021 7:23 am

Importance of Urdu Language

In our us of a the fad of English language is at its top. Our neighborhood language is Urdu then why we are giving a lot importance to English. Japan, China, Germany, Korea and Russia all of them are properly developed countries but they do no longer recognize English and if you love poetry in urdu want to work in these nations then you need to examine their local languages, improvement does not manner that everyone on your u . S . A . Is communicating in English development may be acquire by producing an surroundings of neighborhood language, and if we maintain selling the language of other nations then the day isn’t always far away while we are able to overlook our lifestyle at the side of our language and could be following the culture of other countries if I am not wrong then we’re already following the way of life of western nations that’s completely in opposition to our non secular and social factor of view . The person talking in English is considering maximum honorable in our society why? Who will supply me the solution of my query who is answerable for this cross connection of lifestyle and language? There are such a lot of English getting to know institutes in Pakistan they all are busy in teaching language to the nearby peoples, to get the understanding of other languages isn’t the component to be anxious but to offer extra than required significance on our mother tongue is the issue to be anxious. In our education system we are able to the dominance of English language a person get his early education from a government school and college while went to universities for better schooling then the trainer assume from him to communicate in English how he can communicate English when he have a weak English historical past the man or woman is not chargeable for this example it is the government who’s answerable for the importance of English in our Education machine if you can’t communicate English then there must be a desire for the student to specific his point of view in Urdu but we are the bagger of the line and the teachers don’t allow even a ordinary communicate in Urdu inside the elegance room.

Now a days you can see that what’s the status of Urdu audio system in our united states a few politicians are talking rubbish approximately the Urdu audio system but they do not recognise the world is aware of Pakistani nation as Urdu speaker no as opposed to sindhi, Panjabi, Pashto and balochi I am no longer degrading any language I just want to acknowledge the importance of Urdu language they should recognize their mother tongue in addition to its audio system and need to sell a Urdu friendly surroundings inside the usa.

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